3950 Homedale Rd. Klamath Falls, OR

Community Rules

We sincerely hope your stay will be both pleasant and enjoyable. In order to maintain Aaspen Mobile Village as an outstanding park, the following Community Rules are made part of your residency and lease agreement.


All rents are due and payable in advance on the 1st day of each month. A late fee will be charged after the 5th day of the month.

Office hours are posted on the office door.

Space & Home Maintenance

Every tenant must put their space number on the front of their mobile home at least 4 feet from the ground, and must be visible from the street.

A 4-foot cyclone fence will be allowed. No other kind of fence will be permitted. All tenants must maintain their own fences and keep them free of grass. Fencing must be approved by management prior to installation.

Fire wood must be kept in a neat manner behind the storage shed. No chopping or sawing on asphalt or concrete. Wood stoves must be installed to code, and be inspected by the county, with a copy of the permit given to management.

No storage is permitted under mobile homes, in driveways, under carports, or on patios. No mops, brooms or appliances on porches or patios.

All awnings, carports, and extra storage sheds must conform to code, be painted to match home, and be approved by management.

All mobile homes must have skirting installed and hitches removed or concealed within 60 days of moving into Aaspen Mobile Village.

All mobile homes must have a painted awning and carport.

All mobile homes must have legal steps and porches, which must be kept in good repair. Minimum deck size is 6’ x 8’ with an awning.

All tenants must maintain their spaces weekly, in a clean and well-kept fashion, including front, sides, and rear; including lawns, flowers, shrubs, trees, sheds, and homes; and any graveled areas swept free of debris.


A maximum of two (2) vehicles are permitted per space. Guests and visitors must park in designated visitor parking areas only. No parking on streets or blocking driveways anywhere.

No storage or parking of motor homes, travel trailers, campers, boats, or ATV’s on occupied or vacant lots. Travel trailers, motor homes, and campers have 3 days to clean up and prepare for a trip, and 3 days to clean up after a trip, after which they must be removed or parked in the designated RV storage area at the back of the property.

No major overhauling or stripping of cars is allowed. Any vehicles that cannot operate for any reason must be removed immediately from Aaspen Mobile Village.

Carports and driveways must be kept free of any gas, oil, or transmission drippings. Tenants will be held liable for any damage to pavement resulting from vehicle leaks.

A speed limit of 10 miles per hour must be observed at all times for all vehicles, including bicycles.

No mini-bikes or go-carts allowed in Aaspen Mobile Village

No trucks larger than pickup trucks allowed to park overnight.

No parking in the street.


Children are not to run around or roam about the park unsupervised after 10:00pm

No outside babysitting as a business allowed.

Bicycle riding must be on the streets only. No bicycle riding is allowed in vacant lots. No cutting through tenant yards. Bicyclists must observe speed limits.

Please no rock throwing.

No ball playing where there is a chance of damage to property or danger of hurting other people

Persons using the playground equipment and facilities do so at their own risk. Owners and management will not he liable for any injuries related to the use of the playground.

Please keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb your neighbors.

No bicycles, skateboards, or toys to be left in the street, as they may cause an accident. Do not leave toys or clothes in the playground, as they may harm or cause damage to lawn mowing equipment.

Guests and visitors

All tenants will be responsible for the conduct and/or damage caused by themselves and/or their guests or visitors.

Tenants shall inform all guests and visitors to abide by the posted speed limit, or they will not be allowed in Aaspen Mobile Village.

Visitors and guests staying more than 30 days in any one-month period must register with management. Management may charge a fee of $20 per month per guest for any guest staying more than 30 days in any calendar year. Registration is required if they are not on the application.

Pets (Cats and Dogs)

All pets must be registered with management. Tenants are responsible for any litters of kittens or puppies by their pet, and must dispose of them as age permits them to leave their mothers.

Only one (1) small pet is allowed per household. All pets must have management approval prior to being allowed in Aaspen Mobile Village. A maximum weight for dogs shall not exceed 30 pounds. Dogs exceeding this weight limit will not be approved and must be removed from Aaspen Mobile Village.

Excessive barking is not permitted. Tenants who cannot control the barking of their dogs, and whose dogs disturb peace and quiet, will be required to remove the dog from the park. Dogs must not be left outside of homes when tenants are not present.

All dogs must be on a leashes when not indoors. Dogs are never to be running loose, as per Oregon and county leash laws.

All home sites must be kept clean of all animal feces, on a daily basis.

All tenants with dogs must install a 4-foot cyclone fence.


There are no public laundry facilities available.

Clothes lines are not allowed, nor are clothes to be hung outside of homes.


Garbage must be in sealed containers or bags. Due to the many dogs and cats at Aaspen Mobile Village, do not set garbage out at night.

Garbage will be picked up once per week in front of each space (currently on Wednesday mornings by 10:00am).

Garbage cans must be kept in sheds, out of sight. Garbage cans must not remain in front of homes after they are emptied.


No loud parties or loud music at any time. Please keep radios and televisions low at all times so that you will not annoy your neighbors.

All noise must be kept at a minimum before 8:00am and after 10:00pm.

Tampering with mail addressed to others is a federal offense.

Soliciting in the park is limited. Permission must be obtained from management before solicitation.

Tampering with park owned electrical connections or service is strictly forbidden. Please contact management in case of trouble.

Intoxication, creation of a nuisance, annoyance, indecency, abusive language, or disorderly conduct is cause for immediate expulsion of the offending party.


All tenants shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations of the state of Oregon and Klamath County. Violations of any ordinances will not be tolerated.

No act of the tenant shall be committed which would place management or owners of these premises in violation of any law or ordinance of the state or county.

All mobile homes may not be sub-leased, rented, loaned, or used by anyone for any purpose other than that granted in the original application.

All new applicants must complete an application and have a credit & criminal check done prior to acceptance in the park, at a fee set by management, before any sale is completed.

Management must be informed in writing when placing a home for sale, and/or 30 days written notice before vacating homes or spaces.

If repairs are necessary due to neglect or misuse of park property, the resident causing those repairs will pay the cost of such repairs.

No CB antennas or transmitting equipment allowed.

No yard sales allowed.

Homeowner suggestions, feedback, or complaints are welcome, and must be presented to management in writing.

Residents must maintain their space to park standards. Failure to comply with park standards will result in the park having to bring residents’ spaces up to standard, with costs passed on to that resident.

Owners/managers are not responsible for any physical loss or damage to any resident’s home, vehicle, tangible personal property, accidents, injuries, or loss of property due to: failure to comply with rules and regulations, malicious mischief, vandalism, theft, fire, rain, wind, snow, flood, or any other acts of God.

Please be a good neighbor and help keep Aaspen Mobile Village a pleasant place to live. We wish to provide a pleasant environment and encourage all residents to cooperate with management to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all residents in the park.

Park Restrictions

Tenants, any member of the tenant’s household, household guests, or other persons at Aaspen Mobile Village under the tenant’s control, shall not engage in any activity that constitutes a threat to people or property on or near the premises. Violation of the above provisions shall be a material and irreparable violation of the rental agreement and good cause for termination of tenancy

Drug-related criminal activity is not allowed. Drug related criminal activity means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, use or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute, store, keep, give or use a controlled substance, as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substance Act [21 U.S.C 802]

The following items or activities are not allowed in Aaspen Mobile Village:

  • Self propelled scooters (electric or gasoline powered)
  • Unregistered motor bikes & motorcycles
  • Unregistered automobiles
  • Go carts
  • Trampolines
  • Any ramps or rails designed or used for the jumping of skateboards, bicucles or any other type of wheeled item or vehicle
  • Walking or riding on yard bricks with skateboards, skates, or bicycles
  • Using any street in the park after dark for anything other than vehicle traffic and then only with proper lighting (ie. no scooters, bicycles, etc.)
  • Trespassing on the space or equipment of others without proper owner consent
  • Playing on the streets or occupying the playground after dark
  • Distrubing others with loud noise and vulgar language
  • Blocking traffic on park roads (including laying in the street or denying vehicle passage)

The following are not allowed in Aaspen Mobile Village without the written consent of management:

  • Swimming pools
  • Wading pools over 12” deep
  • Hot tubs

All Oregon laws must be complied with in Aaspen Mobile Village. These are for the safety of our children.

All individuals under the age of 16 must wear helmets while riding bicycles or other wheeled items covered by state law.


These rules and regulations are in effect as of May 1, 2011.

All persons 16 years of age and older must read and agree to the above park rules, and sign an acknowledgement of them. Signatures are on file at the management office.

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